About Fredensborg and environs

Fredensborg and the laundry

Fredensborg lies centrally between Elsinore and Hillerød surrounded by fields, woods and water. On the outskirts of Fredensborg, on the banks of Esrum Lake, you find the charming village of Sørup. Sørup originally functioned as “laundry village” to the town and palace of Fredensborg. With its proximity to the lake, it was a perfect place to make a living doing laundry.

Today, the washing houses have become wonderful, modernized homes, as have the old farms and cottages of this charming and idyllic old village.

Fredensborg Golf Course is located in Sørup. It is built around old church pathways. The pathways are still public and you may walk them whether you are a golfer or not. The pathways lead you through fields and woods to the town of Fredensborg. Here, you can find boutiques as well as good grocery shopping. The town has grown up around the palace, which still today houses the royal family for much of the summer.

The palace was built in the 1700’s, causing the town of Fredensborg to overtake Asminderød as the main town of the area. Asminderød lies in the outskirts of Fredensborg and features a church, an inn, and a small pond.

Life around Esrum Lake

Esrum Lake is Denmark’s second largest lake. Its importance to the area is particularly vivid in summer, when many sail boats, canoes and kayaks enhance the breathtaking views of the lake surrounded by woods and fields as it is. The banks are teeming with children playing in the water while couples as well as families relax on the water’s edge.

Despite Sørup’s size it houses no less than two small harbors: one in each end of the village. Both offer wonderful opportunities for sailing, surfing and swimming. At the northern end of the village, you may rent canoes, kayaks and rowboats, enjoy an old-fashioned ice cream cone or cake and coffee from Sørup Is & Kaffestue or have lunch at Restaurant Skipperhuset. From Skipperhuset, there is direct access to Fredensborg Palace Garden. For part of the summer, you can even enter the reserved garden of the royal family.


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